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Product Name : FC-2075Ni(Indicating type)
Product Name : FC-2075Ni(Indicating type)
Manufacture company: : SB Corporation
Order number :
Net amount : Transformation meaning of a passage
Order quantity :
Model : FC-2075Ni (Indicating type Fuse-Cover for cartridge type fuse-links)


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Item free boat Song above 300000 won. (separate way it levies the boat carriage of 30 ten thousand won following item delivery hour 3000 won.)
- The city mountain for area follows in the part item and the delivery carriage separate way it could be levied.
- General Lgistics/mail delivery (order one, holiday exclusion): Change of air reverse 3~7 one
- To the case which does the on-line remittance from the payment confirmation day it includes in delivery duration.
- Case 100% exchange and the exchange which are flaw to the goods non it is possible, the delivery carriage the total amount charges from normal sports
- The case which is not above to the goods (the case which is not above to packing and the contents water) exchange it is skillful wrongly and the delivery carriage is customer charge
- Goods flaw occurrence hour returned goods it is possible within 20th.
- Daum (one mail) the mail is caused by with on-line stamp my execution and the order confirmation mail is not sent out. To record the mail of the next mail outside, it wishes.
On-line payment
- The SB corporation it limits in the on-line payment with the bank account which the corporation designates when after order confirmation completing it does not pay the within 7th, the order is cancelled.
- Case of on-line payment it records a payment volition name certainly and it does.

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