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Goods Name Type Correct rules Order
Goods Name Type Correct rules Order
Fuse-link SB-C1 1A Fuse-holder FH-30c MAX 30A
2A FH-30d MAX 30A
3A FH-1550N MAX 32A
4A FH-1550NS MAX 32A
5A FH-2060 MAX 60A
6A FH-2075 MAX 60A
8A FH-2075N MAX 60A
10A FH-2075NS MAX 60A
15A Fuse-cover FC-30 MAX 30A
20A FC-30i MAX 30A
25A FC-1550N MAX 30A
30A FC-1550Ni MAX 30A
40A FC-2075N MAX 60A
50A FC-2075Ni MAX 60A
60A Fuse-puller FP-36 30A 60A 겸용
    P-36 FP-36용 clip
Name plate
of Fuse-holder
CN-30 FH-30c,30d용
circuit no 기록용
I-CN-30-1P FH-1550N용
I-CN-30-2P FH-1550N용
I-CN-30-3P FH-1550N용
I-CN-60-1P FH-2075N용
I-CN-60-2P FH-2075N용
I-CN-60-3P FH-2075N용
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